The following services are designed to grow an organization’s customer base, increase bottom-line profitability, and deliver a return on investment. At TCG we do this work to support large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and non-profit organizations. Learn how we can help you grow no matter your size.

Business and Relationship Development Programs

Business and Relationship Development Programs are designed to increase bottom line profitability while growing an organization’s customer base, and may also play a part in the expansion and modernization of the business.

At TCG, our Business and Relationship Development programs offer access to understanding the entire business development process. The program is fully integrated with detailed information on how to grow efforts in marketing, sales, support, and relationship development. Our business development process builds highly proprietary programs that optimize and execute an organization’s go-to market strategy.

Factors to consider when implementing a Business Development Strategy:

  • Changes in market conditions
  • Identification of the appropriate target market and/or audience
  • Customer and supplier activity and feedback
  • Ongoing evaluation of ideas and strategies
  • The results of ongoing market research
  • Feasibility analysis – evaluate business strategies and identify pitfalls
  • Plan of action – the guide for development and growth
  • Sales strategy and tools used
  • Communications tools for employees and strategic partners
  • Measurement tools to plan and monitor business growth

Creative Marketing Plans

TCG’s approach to creating effective strategic marketing plans for our clients is evident in the quality, output, and execution of those plans. Our process begins by bringing together our team of experienced marketers who come from diverse backgrounds in strategy implementation, traditional, digital, and social communications. Our approach begins with an examination of our client’s successes and failures with previous endeavors. Doing so allows the customer to gain insight from lessons learned while comfortably maturing into new solutions. This process of exploration and learning allows us to choose the appropriate strategy to fit the client’s needs and penetrate their market. Our strategic approaches include:

Cost Leadership Strategy

Allows an enterprise to produce and market a good quality product or service at a lower cost than its competitors.

Differentiation Strategy

Create a product, entity, individual or service that is perceived as being unique throughout its identified market or industry. This technique is often used in political campaign strategies.

Focus Strategy

Maybe the most savvy of the three, a focus strategy is commonly used in many commercials or advertising in order to relay a message quickly in a 60 second ad to the appropriate demographic and/or audience. This strategy is often used to compare one brand with another so that Brand A can establish themselves as the leader over Brand B in their target market.

Today Microsoft Lync and Cisco WebEx implement cost and differentiation strategies as they look to compete against each other in the growing web conferencing space. Although you can accomplish similar tasks with each of their web conferencing tools, they offer very different levels and flavors of service, and are cost competitive. Similar strategies are also used by Apple, Android, Samsung and Microsoft. Although smart device functionality is operating-system specific, each brand has taken its own unique approach to establish its footprint with their target market.

In the entertainment industry, Marvel Entertainment’s youth and young adult-focused strategy has pivoted in recent years due to a rapidly growing number of adult consumers for their products. In 2012, Marvel's film The Avengers broke several premiere records and grossed more than a billion dollars and paved the way for numerous movie sequels.  This success attracted fitness-wear company Under Armour who partnered with Marvel for a cross promotion around Marvel’s 2014 film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. For the film, Under Armour designed fully functional workout gear with Captain America's signature logo. This is another example of a focus strategy.

Corporate Identity Programs

The theory and process behind Corporate Identity Programs evolved centuries ago and is common within the private sector. However, these programs are becoming increasingly adopted within the public sector as well.

Corporations thrive on the production and delivery of high-quality products and services; but having a strong image in the eyes of their customer base has become increasingly important. Corporations on the cutting edge do both - they strive to achieve a positive image, and also work to lower costs, gain a higher market share, and decrease product liability costs. Corporations with a positive image have a tremendous competitive advantage in the marketplace. Above anything else, it positions them to contribute to their bottom line and gain market share.

TCG’s Corporate Identity Programs add value to your business by creating cost effective long-term programs that enhance organizational growth by capturing and relaying a company’s unique characteristics in a memorable manner. We are experts in message generation that delivers results - increased positive recognition within the public psyche.

Training Programs

TCG believes in investing in our customers’ long-term through customer education and training programs. Our programs consist of training for customer outreach programs and issue advocacy, as well as the “train-the-trainer” approach. We further provide training and customer education for organizational enrichment, business development, human capital management, and technology transfer. These include one-off classes, multi-session courses, self-guided web or video tutorials, and mentoring.

Tools to Generate a Return on Investment