Our communications team has provided a tremendous amount of expertise to Senatorial and Presidential candidates, as well as other Federal Government stakeholders.

Strategic Communications

TCG has helped political candidates at the Presidential and Senatorial levels shape and disseminate their messages, and engage in the appropriate new media technologies for their campaigns. We’ve also supported Federal Government stakeholders with institutional and congressional messaging. All of our political and government communications strategies are highly tailored to each candidate’s needs - their mission, the specific issue at hand, and the audience. TCG can help guide any campaign through the often rocky world of politics with ease and grace.

Grassroots lobbying and issue advocacy

TCG can construct the building blocks that your company or organization needs to run a successful lobbying and advocacy campaign. Successful grassroots lobbying and issue advocacy campaigns result in more educated legislators and policy makers. This is all accomplished with the right message and the right group of educated, motivated people. As people experts, TCG will build your lobbying or issue advocacy campaign from the ground up.

Community outreach and awareness campaigns

TCG designs community awareness campaigns to inform the public about a specific cause, product, service, person (persona) or company. TCG will help you focus in on your specific agenda, concentrate on the desired outcome, and create messages that resonate so that you can make a positive impact and inspire change.

Faith-based initiatives

TCG is committed to building and supporting partnerships with faith-based leaders and organizations in an effort to create whole families, communities, and strong businesses. We give a voice to issues and organizations who are often not heard or have emerging causes that require extra attention. TCG further embraces faith-based programs that are focused on education and training for youth and young adults.

Political & Government Communications Strategies