Whether it be a name, a term, a sign, symbol or design, a brand is the driving force of your organization and the guiding light for all marketing and communications. TCG can help refine your brand, and make your message clear and consistent. We begin our branding work by identifying and highlighting the unique and differentiating qualities about you and your work. We end with a clear identity and message that will be carried through all your communications.

Public Relations

Your first impression is the lasting one. Our Public Relations services have given many of our customers a strong, creative voice for their product, persona, entity, or service. We’ve implemented successful PR campaigns that have generated long-lasting impact and brought visibility to our clients in new markets without exhausting an abundant amount of liquid resources. Whether the vehicle is radio and TV, audio visual presentations, speeches, newsletters or press releases, TCG’s public relations services will build your reputation and notoriety.

Speech, Technical, and Blog Writing

Whether delivered through speech or the written word, our expert writers will craft powerful, memorable messages that leave a lasting impact.

Event Production and Speaker Acquisition

An event is one of the best ways to draw attention to a new product, organizational achievement, or persona. Event planning and marketing initiatives are great tools that brings a personal touch to a receptive audience. TCG has created multiple events that include, but are not limited to: news conferences, seminars, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, fundraisers, new artist entertainment showcases, and athletic competitions. Our events generate lots of marketplace excitement and bring the client closer to their target demographic.

Need a speaker to deliver a keynote or round out your panel? TCG is happy to tap into our vast network to help find the right individual(s) to make your event a success.

Media Kit Creation

Often considered to be robust resumes, Media and Press kits provide valuable information about a business, product, or persona. Well-designed and informative marketing materials add significant impact to one’s image. TCG supports the packaging and writing of successful audio and video presentations, brochures, press releases, newsletters, and more to ensure you are putting your best face forward in your media and press kit.

Communicate Powerful Messages

At TCG all of our communications work revolves around the principle “the message is in the mission.” However, we know that oftentimes the simplest message to communicate or endorse is the hardest to convey - particularly if the mission isn’t on track or being well-received. Our marketing and communications services will focus your mission so you can get the right message out to the right audience at the right time, and through the appropriate channels. At TCG we offer a variety of services in communications including branding and public relations; creative marketing campaigns; speech, technical and blog writing; event production and speaker acquisition; and the creation of media kits.